tereTere Blanca is the president, CEO and owner of Blanca Commercial Real Estate Inc. (a leading Miami-based commercial property real estate advisory services and brokerage firm). Among her many distinctions, she was named one of the “Top 25 Women in Real Estate” in 2013 by Commercial Property Executive.

Blanca’s career in the real estate field has deep roots. Entrepreneurial inspiration can be traced back to her grandfather (who was a prominent banker in Cuba before leaving that country in the 60s), and both her parents, (who were involved in real estate ventures in Puerto Rico). She has worked for over twenty years with some of to the top real estate firms in South Florida, which makes it even more remarkable that one day she decided to break away from the corporate world to establish her own company.

In her revealing interview with ENTREPRENEURradio, Blanca talks to us about the tragic accident that suddenly took her mother’s life. It caused Blanca to reconsider her career and ask herself a question every entrepreneur should consider: “If you think you’re going to be doing something five years from now, what’s keeping you from doing it today?” She discusses how she managed to start her own company while keeping the good will of her former employers, and the tactics that helped Blanca Commercial Real Estate Inc. flourish during the 2008 real estate crisis.
Tere Blanca is a perfect example of how a successful businessperson can daringly transition away from the corporate world into their own exciting territory, while keeping their connections intact and even collaborating with their former companies. What motivations and strategies do you have to smoothly break away from the corporate pack? Download this podcast at ENTREPRENEURradio.org for more.