Steven H. Smith (1)“Integrity is what you do when no one is watching.” For Steve Smith, Chairman of Credential Check Corporation, that’s more than a saying. Integrity and a solid, values-driven character are at the core of his successful entrepreneurial experiences.

In addition to his leadership role at Credential Check (a company that provides comprehensive pre-employment screening services), Steve is the President of Summit Group Holdings. He also co-founded Transnational Security Group, and served for over 20 years as chairman/CEO of Smith Security, the 35th largest security company in the US.

Steve has a powerful work ethic. His involvement with those organizations such as World Presidents’ Organization (WPO) and Chief Executive Officers’ Organization (CEO) demonstrate that commitment.

In his conversation with us, Steve reveals how his work ethic influences his approach to building a business: from his choice of business partners, to his balance of personal and professional life. The wide-ranging interview also describes what he’s learned about hiring, building, and scaling a business.

Steve’s entrepreneurial character is represented in the concept of CBA (“Conceive; Believe; Achieve.”) He says: “If you can conceive it, and if it’s believable, you can achieve it – if you execute it. It’s all about execution.“ In what ways does your own character shape your entrepreneurial trajectory?