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SportsManias Reinvents Sports Talk As A Twitter-Based Content Aggregator
CEO and Co-Founder Vicente Fernandez Discusses His Entrepreneurial Style

News media consumption has been changing rapidly. Instead of having a daily paper delivered to the doorstep, people are now more likely to scroll through their smartphones and read headlines with their morning coffee. This technological shift has affected coverage of politics, local interest stories and weather reporting; Vicente Fernandez, the 22-year-old CEO and co-founder of SportsManias is bringing this shift to sports reporting. SportManias is a Twitter-based curated sports news feed. It captures the best reporting-local, national and international- on major sports, and brings to fans a wealth of information, access and insight in an up-to-the-minute format.

Aymara del Aguila, his partner and co-founder, is an experienced media and advertising professional with two unexpected characteristics: she is not a sports buff, and she is Vicente’s mother. Aymara and Vicente have forged a great business relationship, maintaining transparency and open communication based on a lifetime of sharing and collaboration. “You hear a lot of co-founder stories where friends start a business together and they end up no longer friends after a few years. But we’re mother and son. That bond is not going to break,” he tells ENTREPRENEURradio. In just three years, their SportsMedias app has grown into a robust platform, bringing in 3.3 million monthly visitors and generating advertising revenue as well as investor interest.

Vicente Fernandez ’s passion for sport and his partnership with established marketing talent have created a cutting-edge social media business that’s changing the rules of sports reporting to the delight of avid fans with an endless appetite for information about teams, players, games and analysis. Vicente shares approach to envisioning and building businesses on in his upcoming interview on “Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind” on For more on Vicente’s entrepreneurial experience, listen to his interview on Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind, featured on


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