Inngoldmanovation is how entrepreneurs distinguish themselves and keep ahead of the curve. Dr. Richard Goldman, the Chairman of the Board of Smart Horizons Career Online Education, has founded a variety of innovative institutions that include Another Generation Preschools, the University of Miami Online High School (an online college-preparatory high school), Virtual Sage (an online curriculum-publishing company), and The Sagemont School, a leader in the delivery of education through a blended learning environment.

In conversation with ENTREPRENEURradio, Richard explains how his ability to recognize gaps in the educational market placed him at the frontline of the emerging online school field. Young athletes and entertainers who needed flexibility in their schedules were being underserved. Richard realized there was a large market for people whose needs went beyond traditional K-12 education.

He reached out to other companies in order to make them aware of how they could work together in mutually beneficial ways. Richard calls this strategy a business-to-business model, and it has linked his cutting-edge schools with powerful partners like the University of Miami, the Washington Post, and IMG/ WME, the world’s leading sports and entertainment management agency.

Do you have any unexpected allies that can help you expand your brand? Tune in to the podcast at for more of Richard Goldman’s innovative thinking.

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