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CEO Steve McKean: Entrepreneurs Are Problem-Solvers
Serial Entrepreneur Reveals His Focused Approach On ENTREPRENEURradio

Steve McKean’s entrepreneurial exploits have all been different, ranging from financial advisory services to software robotics, and all of them share the same mission: to solve problems facing customers and make their lives easier in any way they can.

When faced with a problem that is facing a large and potentially untapped market. True entrepreneurs bring an idea to life: by building a business dedicated to solving that problem. Steve McKean, a serial entrepreneur currently involved in two new start-up companies, defines an entrepreneur as “someone who sees an opportunity or a problem to be solved and marshalls the people and resources to solve that problem.” In a revealing interview with ENTREPRENEURradio’s program “Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind,” he takes us through the challenge of turning ideas into action.

Steve McKean’s recent venture, Acceller, is designed to solve a consumer problem- negotiation confusing telecommunication contracts. When merging Acceller with Bridge Vine, he applies the same guiding principle: businesses should be built to solve the problems customers face. Customer service is a core value to build the foundation of a company,” he says, and every business he’s built is centered on different aspects of problem-solving for modern customers.
Finding the problems people will pay to have solved is the key to a successful entrepreneurial venture. Learn what Steve discovered on his featured interview with “Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind,” streaming now on


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