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Mindy Cassel: Growing From Grief
Entrepreneur Discusses The Growth Of The Children’s Bereavement Center Into A Business

Dr. Mindy Cassel started the Children’s Bereavement Center as a free resource for young people coping with tragic loss. When the Center was founded by Mindy and her partner Dr. Carol Burns, it wasn’t meant to be an entrepreneurial venture. “We just figured we’d supply the costs and really didn’t imagine the growth that we would have,” Mindy says in her interview on Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind. By the end of the first year, the Center grew from a handful of children to dozens of families.

Today, they continue to offer the services of the Center for free by turning to the community for fundraising, and have grown to include young adults in the Live Through Loss program. Dr. Cassel’s vision of a program to meet ongoing needs of grieving children and families through the support of community continues to blossom.

Mindy says that what really keeps the organization on track is a deep commitment to its core mission. “The passion is renewed every time I hear our kids tell their stories,” she says. For more, tune in to “Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind” on

The Center continues to operate as a non-profit organization with the support of the community. In an interview on ENTREPRENEURradio’s “Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind,” Mindy describes the growth of the Center and explains how her passion for its mission has kept it thriving through the years.


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