Just as the San Francisco Giants had an unlikely start to the 2014 World Series after winning the Wild Card entry, radio producer and host Marty Lurie began his incredible career from surprising roots. Marty produces and hosts the Giants pre- and post-game radio shows, and has become an icon in the field of baseball broadcasting. The exciting story of how Marty became a prominent broadcaster is as engrossing as that final game against the Kansas City Royals. After all the trials and tribulations of the season, the Giants managed to pull through with the win, and Marty’s story parallels the success of a team that worked harder than anyone imagined to rise to the top.

Marty began his path to entrepreneurship as a successful criminal lawyer. In his interview, he explains how his experiences as an attorney provided surprising preparation for his second life in the radio business. Recalling the game–changing moment when he decided to go into broadcasting, he describes the process of building his show from the ground up, starting at a small high school station in the Bay Area. He sought out local merchants and sold them advertising slots on his shows, while gaining popularity among fans and players for his wealth of knowledge and engaging interviewing style. Marty says has a simple explanation for why his show resonates with his audience: “I let the people talk – and I love the game.”

Marty grew up admiring Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle. Today, he travels along their storied path and built a business that earns him recognition from the team and the fans that see him as a knowledgeable baseball historian. What drives entrepreneurs to turn their life-long passions and interests into successful, rewarding businesses? Check out the podcast for more stories from this iconic broadcaster.

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