How does disrupting the status quo open new frontiers for the creative entrepreneur? Lori Anne Wardi found her answer. She is the vice president of  registry services at Neustar Inc., a pioneering provider of real-time, cloud-based information services and analytics. It is an extension of her work at .Co, the company she co-founded to manage the .co domain name extension, (the first serious competitor for .com.)

Lori Anne talks to us at ENTREPRENEURradio about the entrepreneurial journey that took her to the frontlines of technology. A Cornell grad with a Masters in Human Resource Management, she had a great career with Goldman Sachs as an executive coach and trainer. In 2000, she decided to jump into a consultancy business – but the impact of September 11, 2001 in the New York business community forced her to re-consider that route.

As she pondered her options, she was developing expertise on Internet domain name purchases, with a business card proclaiming the title “Domain Diva.” Lori Anne came up with business ideas, purchased the domain, and then sold it to those interested in carrying through with the concept. She started gaining traction when she turned a $1,200 purchase into an $81,000 sale.

Lori Anne’s internet savvy led her to co-found .Co. There, she was part of the team rebranding the domain name extension as more than an address, but as a selected destination for innovative businesses. Lori Anne saw the value of .Co as being a community rather than a commodity. The .co extension is positioned to attract innovative start-ups and risk-taking business creators who enjoy the message of an alternative address. “Vision drives the future,” she tells us.