Jack DalyJack Daly’s life-long love affair with entrepreneurship led him to his current role as a celebrated professional speaker, whose high-octane presentations on sales management have inspired individuals from companies of all sizes, trade associations, conventions, non-profits and schools.

Jack is the CEO (“Chief Energizing Officer”) of Professional Sales Coach Inc. Jack’s workshops are based on his real-world experience as CEO/entrepreneur: he’s taken six different start-ups to the national level. In his conversation with ENTREPRENEURradio, Jack gives the listener an inside tour of the entrepreneurial mind-set. He emphasizes what he sees as the essential tools for success: goal-setting, accountability to others, and, of course, passion.

His most recent book, “Hyper Sales Growth,” was the #1 best-selling business book on Amazon in seven countries, and his website is a great source for companies looking to reenergize their sales organization. A prolific author, he’s currently working on five new books, including a series called “I’m No Kid; I’m an Entrepreneur,” which aims to motivate young people.

He relates an anecdote from early in his career, when he took up a senior-level position in which he had little emotional investment – a mistake against which he cautions his audience. He says: “If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you should quit and go find something you’re passionate about.”Are you passionate about what you’re doing, or are you just fulfilling expectations?