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Entrepreneur David Redlich Blends Technology and Personality to Create Loyal Customers

High energy entrepreneur David Redlich and his co-founder Matt Kuttler have been recognized for many prestigious awards, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year and South Florida Business Journal’s Business of the Year in 2008 and 2010. Their company focuses on the niche market of online business to business office supplies, offering over 200,000 different products. Redlich’s entrepreneurial mindset is focused more on people than on products. “Most people think entrepreneurs are defined by their unique idea or concept”, he relates in But that’s not the essential element. “ More important is the ability to galvanize your idea into action with a culture that breeds passion and commitment from your employees.”

When David first started forging partnerships with vendors and investors, he wanted to represent ReStockIt being creative and personal. David once held a meeting on a basketball court because he knew the vendors in question happened to be great players. “It became anything but a normal meeting, “ he grins. “They had fun and enjoyed working with us, and as a result we launched a strong relationship.”

In a business known for hyper-efficient transactions, he has been known to pick up the phone to thank a customer for an order.

David is a high energy guy, and bringing this style to the business has helped set apart from other online businesses. To learn more about David Redlich’s hands on approach to building partnerships, tune in to his featured interview on this week’s “Inside the Entreprenenurial Mind on


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