Bob Fitts - Entrepreneur Radio GuestHow can we leverage our own knowledge and experience to provide learning opportunities to other people on the entrepreneurial path? For Bob Fitts, the answer was to create SUP-X, the Start-Up Expo. SUP-X is a large-scale convention for entrepreneurs being held on February 16th and 17th at the Broward Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Bob joins the hosts of “Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind” this week to discuss his own experiences as an entrepreneur, details of the convention, and what inspired him to put this kind of event together in the first place.

Bob started his career as a real estate developer, working with some of the biggest firms in the country and climbing the corporate ladder. He realized that he wanted to branch out and do something on his own, and soon discovered the world of angel investors and start-up communities; namely, the Gold Coast Capital Venture Association. As an investor, Bob found his passion in helping to be the driving force behind creating new businesses. “I was just looking for fun, interesting things to do and ways to meet people…so I went to a meeting and I was kind of hooked,” he says in his interview on ENTREPRENEURradio. Today, he runs the nonprofit group and has been producing events for them for almost a decade. SUP-X is just the latest in a long list of Bob’s accomplishments as an investor and event producer.

SUP-X will focus on the entrepreneur, according to Bob, but there will be space for the investor as well. There will be seminars and keynotes throughout the two-day event that apply to both sides of the coin. The main aspect of the convention that distinguishes SUP-X from other events like it is its exposition floor; start-ups can enter their business into a contest, and the top choices will be given booth space at the exposition. ENTREPRENEURradio is proud to be a media partner at this event. We encourage you to register for the convention online and attend! (add link to registration) For more on the event, listen to Bob Fitts’ featured interview on “Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind.”