David Koertz, CEO PlumWhen you come up with an idea for a business, how do you know when it’s the right time to bring it to the market? David Koretz, the CEO of Plum, learned a great deal about the challenges of timing throughout his career. He joins us on ENTREPRENEURradio’s “Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind” to discuss his entrepreneurial experience and how he learned to be resilient despite struggles selling an idea.

David Koretz began his career very young. He was fourteen when he started his first business, which was a venture into home automation technologies. He was successful, but unable to scale the business. “I just didn’t have the sophistication…to see what was coming,” he explained. As he grew into a more knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneur, and explored other areas of futuristic home automation technologies, he recognized that even though the ideas he was bringing to market were valuable, the timing in the marketplace wasn’t ripe. When he did find the right balance, his sale of that company for $100 million was the pay-off. Finding the intersection between good ideas and good timing is the key to David’s success.

Currently, David is waiting for the right time to release his newest venture, Plum, a connected device that he says will revolutionize the wine industry. David has a track record of great ideas, and his entrepreneurial instincts are fully engaged. His timing is even better now that he has grown as an entrepreneur. For more on David’s story, listen to his interview on “Inside The Entrepreneurial Mind,” streaming now on ENTREPRENEURradio.org.