beverly_raphaelBeverly Raphael is the President and CEO of RCC Associates Inc, a general contracting firm. She is also the first woman to gain recognition as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Wharton Club of South Florida. It is one of the most prestigious awards in our business community.

Beverly has earned it. When a sudden tragedy claimed the life of her late husband, she decided the best way to honor his legacy was by continuing his work and leading his construction company. There were many skeptics in the male-dominated construction business, but Beverly quickly defied expectations and earned the respect of her peers. She proved herself by solidifying RCC’s company culture. In the process, she expanded its customer base and tripled its revenue: RCC is now a 100+ million-per-year company.

Beverly turned her initial unfamiliarity with the construction business into an incentive for learning more, and surrounding herself with an experienced, supportive staff. “Company culture is key,” she tells us. “That’s why people stay.” Some of her core staff has been with RCC for over 27 years.

How do entrepreneurs push forward through times of adversity? How do they turn apparent disadvantages into powerful assets? Listen to Beverly’s revealing conversation with ENTREPRENEURradio for more insights.