albert-santalo1How is social media changing the way you run your life? Albert Santalo sees social media technology is the platform that will change the way healthcare works in America. He is the founder, president and CEO of Care Cloud Corporation, one of the most promising companies of 2014, according to Forbes Magazine. Care Cloud provides practice-management software to healthcare providers, providing a fast, secure link between doctors, patients, medical records and payments.

Santalo says: “The most complex system that exists in the world is the human body. The second most complex thing is the U.S. healthcare system. We deal with both.”. The medical practice of the future will benefit from the efficiency provided by social media, the cloud, and apps. With Care Cloud, Santalo predicts, wasteful spending in the system would be significantly reduced

Albert wanted to create an enduring, world-changing company ever since he was 5 years old. His parents, Cuban immigrants who arrived to the United States in the ‘60s, inspired him not to worry about failure, and to embrace American opportunity.

His experiences have led to develop a personal philosophy of entrepreneurship that contains four core values: “Aim to amaze. Integrity above all. Constant innovation. It’s all about the customer.” He defines the entrepreneur as someone who has passion, attention to detail, and the ability to deal with complexity and chaos. That’s also a fitting description of Albert himself. His vision may soon determine how all of us will connect to physicians, hospitals, and insurance carriers. Download this podcast right here for more of Albert Santalo.