Allen Brackett

Allen Bracket , CEO of House 2 Home, built the foundation to his successful company 30 years ago. On a bet that it required financial capital to build a business, he founded a housecleaning company by volunteering to clean houses as a research project while studying business at George Washington University. He learned to clean houses, and what homeowners wanted from housekeepers.

With Dyna-Maids, Inc. he disrupted another model: the stigma associated with workers performing residential housekeeping and commercial janitorial services and by redefining the roles men and women perform in the cleaning fields.

He removed the gender bias associated with each respective industry by creating a workforce equally representing men and women, then creating a niche market by combining janitorial services and maid service into a unified commercial/residential housekeeping service with broad recognition for quality, consistency and integrity. Over the next 30 years, his company, Dyna-Maids, Inc. grew from that single location to multiple locations from Boston to South Florida

In recent years he extended the brand to include Dyna Handyman Services. During the real estate downturn, he established Vacant Home Solutions, offering total home care services for vacant home to help them maintain their value and accelerate their sales by offering to banks, realtors and property management companies services including moving services, staging, including home repair. He also was quick to see the trend in the desire to age-in-place, and brought in resources in renovation/construction services to so that people with physical disabilities—including a generation of wounded warriors- could realize the dream of living at home.

Allen Brackett is an entrepreneur who sees opportunities in social trends and bring together partnerships of resources to create an integrated solution. He is a social entrepreneur, who utilizes the tools of the business, management, operations and marketing to create a profitable company that also serves its employees and their communities.